We Didn't Get Lost!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Today was free for us to explore and do whatever we felt like. The forecast called for rain, but the chance of rain kept getting pushed back later into the day. We started to feel some drops around 2pm and it was drizzling by 3pm. We were inside during the drizzle, so no rain disaster stories....yet!

This afternoon, we met up with our friend Taylor at the Ponte Vecchio. She lives on the other side of the river, so it made for a convenient meet up place. From there, we started walking to a place our tour guide suggested. It was closed today, so it will have to wait for another time. We then decided to head to another place she suggested, Gilli. We ordered our drinks and pastries then stood at the bar like real Italians.....except for taking pictures for Instagram. (Do it for the 'gram) We added it to our list of favorites. We then headed to Longchamp, which was conveniently a few doors down from Gilli. I have wanted one of their totes for a while, but never brought myself to get one. I decided that it would be perfect for class, it has a zipper, and even folds up (perfect for packing). I got it cheaper here than I would at home, which made for a happy KK. 

We then headed to some of the museums in Florence. It recently just became a rule that all state museums are FREE on the first Sunday of every month! The first one we checked out didn't end up being free (must be a private museum). We decided to head to the Uffizi Gallery. As we walked to the entrance, the line seemed like it was never ending! Once we found the back of the line, it took about an hour to get inside. Not too bad considering the amount of people there. Inside there was plenty to see and well worth the wait. I'm pretty sure I could stare at the ceilings here forever.

Once we exited the museum, we headed back to the bridge to part ways with Taylor. Madi and I headed back to our apartment to cook dinner. I say we did pretty good!  After eating, we loaded and started the dishwater. It was pretty noisy and got us thinking that it would burst any second (it didn't). We are already thinking of different things we want to make and try out. We have a stove and a microwave oven. If you have any ideas or recipes let me know!!

Tomorrow, I finally start classes! I feel like I have not been to school in FOREVER!! (two months...same thing, right?) I'm excited to get back into a routine but also nervous. I still don't know where all the school buildings are but I'm sure I'll learn them quick. After walking around today, I'm starting to feel more comfortable around here and making connections between all the locations. I definitely feel more confident getting to and from places then I did the first day! I can't wait till I'm in the completely comfortable stage, (that happens right?), but I guess being uncomfortable adds to the adventure.

Prayers for a good first day of classes!

Hugs & Blessings!

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