Sunday, February 14, 2016

Looks like i'll have to wait a little longer for a shopping partner, #babysal is a BOY!

Lil Rich,
Words can not describe how happy I am for you and Bay! Baby Richard (ps. I think I'm going to call him that, since you will always be Lil Rich to me) is beyond blessed to have y'all as parents. I know the same skills you have as the best big brother will transition to being the best father! 

Since I am in Italy, I had to miss the gender reveal party. Last night, I realized it was one of the first big family events I have missed. I was able to Skype in, but it just was not the same as being there. The connection was super blurry, and I was yelling to try and get mom's attention. Thankfully, my roommate reminded me that it was midnight over here or I might have woken up the entire building. In a world where we can be constantly connected, I felt so disconnected in that moment. I ended up crying, because the emotions of being gone just got to me all at once. With going abroad, I knew I was having to miss some special moments. It is definitely easier said then done. I am just happy, I will be back before the baby is born!! (Baby Richard - stay cooking, don't come to early!)

On a more funny note, I decided I wanted to get pictures with pink and blue gelato to post since I wasn't going to be able to take a picture at the party. At around 9pm here, Madi and I ventured out to get our dessert. The first place we stopped was closed. The next was open, but they only had strawberry gelato, no blue! We decided to get it, and try to find blue somewhere else! We quickly snapped some pics, and went on our way. We rounded the street corner to find the next place closed, so we headed to another. They had pistachio (green), so I realized I might have to settle, but we continued our search. We walked around the streets close to our apartment and the Duomo. Still no blue gelato in sight. Our strawberry gelato was melting, and we knew we had to act fast! We ran into a corner café to find some pistachio gelato. We then headed out to the front of the Duomo to get the pictures. My camera said it was out of memory......come to find out the memory card was still in my computer at the apartment! Oopps! It was also slightly raining as we were running around! I had my rain jacket on with my camera strapped around my neck, I looked completely like a tourist. Either way it was a fun little adventure, and it gave us some more time to explore our new home. S/O to Madi for helping me with this task and taking the pictures! Who knows, maybe one day I'll get to take Baby Richard to Italy, and tell him about this story in the place that it happened!

Hugs & Blessings!

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  1. If you are viewing it on your phone, the code at the end of the post are snap story videos from my gelato adventure. They show up on a computer!


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