Will You Adopt Me?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

One saying you might have heard from me is "Words are hard!" Well, that might not be the case for some, but they have always been difficult for me. Where I fall short in my words, I hope my actions are able to express how I feel. But "why are you telling me this?", you might be thinking.

I don't think I have ever fully expressed how thankful I am that Big Richard is in my life. How can you find the perfect words to tell a person how much he means to you? I knew that I could never find the words that would be perfect enough for me to say, but I also had an idea. This one question could replace all those perfect words that I could never seem to say out loud. 

To some, this might be a surprise and to some this might seem ridiculous. I understand  Never in my life did I think I would ever use the words "adopted." Never in my life would I think that I would lose my Dad either. Never in my life did I think my Mom would ever date someone else! I did not do this out of disrespect to anyone, most importantly my Dad. After spending time away from my family in the spring, I realized how thankful I am to have them in my life. I also realized the importance of doing things that make me happy because life flies by so quickly! Having Big Richard and his family in my life make me HAPPY! I made this decision completely on my own, Mom was completely surprised.......I guess I just always have tokeep her on her toes!  I kept this decision private between my family and only asked permission from my brothers. First, I talked to Henrietta and once he gave me the okay, I talked with Lil Richard and Nick. I had my mind made up and their opinions would be the only ones that would sway my decision. I did not do this in hope to improve my relationship with Big Richard, because that is already there! I am not changing my name, and even if I simply hyphen it, it should not matter. God willing, I will one day be married, and my last name will change anyway!

To wrap this up, how lucky am I to be blessed with not one, but two, amazing men in my life to have as fathers, when some people do not even have one? What a beautiful picture this is of how much my heavenly Father loves me. The fact that the love He has for me, surpasses the love of my Dad and Big Richard actually leaves me speechless. This is something to be celebrated. Big Richard has never tried to take the place of my Dad and always works hard to honor his memory. I truly believe Big Richard was one of my Dad's last gifts to us. 

Lastly, a big thank you to my roommate, Megan, who took our family pictures and helped me pull this off! I snuck up behind her with the sign asking Big Richard if he would adopt me, and she was able to capture all the sweet moments that followed.

"Are you for REAL?


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  1. Kayleigh, I love you so very much and support you in your decision. I know and have seen what God has done bringing Richard into your lives. Well played young lady. You have once again amazed others with your wonderful, loving decisions. Hank is forever your Father, adoption by Richard does not change that and does not dishonor Hank. I will expect an invite. I love You


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