20 Reasons Why I Love Madi

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy 20th Birthday Madi!!!

In honor of her birthday, I thought I would list some reasons why I love Madi! Here's to you, Madi, twenty never looked so good!

1. You speak what is on your mind, I never have to guess! (Maybe I should take some notes!)

2. Your taste in music! Thanks for always making sure we have something to listen to while we cook and get ready!

3. Speaking of cooking, thanks for being my cooking partner at home! (or dinner date when we go out!)

4. For being the dish dryer to my dish washer. 

5. For not judging how long it takes me to get out of bed in the morning

6. Or the multiple alarms that I set.....

7. For understanding the need that I have to be on time

8. For letting me use your extra adaptor....and not getting mad when I leave it in the library

9. For being my bus buddy

10. For being the navigator in our relationship

11. Your love for the color blush

12. Your love for YouTube videos/Vines..... and then sending me the best ones

13. For always encouraging dessert 

14. For playing with bubbles before cleaning them up

15. How you care for the people that you love

16. For saying sorry about eating all the food, even though you know I don't care! It's the thought that counts.

17. For not judging me when I wear the same outfit in the week (SOS I miss uniforms)

18. For laughing at my clumsy-ness (tripping, chocolate on my face, catching my sleeve on fire....) and all the stupid things I say (International OSS, saying Spanish instead of Italian, and when I said "It's in American!")

19. For always having your key out and ready, so I don't have to dig for mine. 

20. Overall, thank you for being my partner in crime (or should I say wine) on this crazy adventure of Study Abroad and taking over Europe with me! 

Hope your day is everything you want and more! Can't wait to Celebrate!

Buon Compleanno!


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